The New MASC

If you are reading this, you have probably seen our video on Facebook launching THE NEW MASC. We hope that you are as excited as we are about all of our new features – the new logo, the brand mark, the Instagram account, the photo vault, and all of the other exciting things we have planned for you. I wanted to share with you our thought process in making these changes and why we thought they were necessary.

The New LogoWe have had our former logo for over twenty years, and we thought if we were going to update the MASC Brand, the most important item on our agenda would be selecting a new logo. We decided on a design we thought updated and modernized it. The new color scheme uses deeper shades of red and blue, which we think ties the overall design together better and gives it a more modern look. While keeping the same traditional shape of the former logo, we decided to take another step with the design and added meaning behind it. The six ways you are able to experience MASC — District Meetings, Winter Energizer, State Convention, Summer Workshop, the National Convention, and your own Student Council — are all represented in the surrounding border. The letters MASC in the logo were already in the shape of Missouri, but we also added the outline of the state behind them to better tie the logo together and put an emphasis on the strength of our state as a whole. We are very excited to start putting forward a more sleek and professional look with our new logo.

The Brand MarkWe believe this new feature to our brand will really vault MASC to the forefront of student council associations in the country, because we will be the first to make this kind of innovation. We offer many products, especially t-shirts and other apparel, that do not specifically say MASC on them. Our most popular items at State Convention and Summer Workshop this past year were the crewneck sweatshirts and mesh back trucker hats in bright colors that just said “STUCO” across the front. We discussed the idea of creating a “mark” to add to our products so we could keep these simple, popular designs without having to clutter them with our logo or the words “Missouri Association of Student Councils” or “MASC.”

We wanted a mark people would instantly associate with our brand whenever they saw it on a t-shirt. Think of how Nike uses their “swoosh” on their apparel or the Apple logo on the back of an iPhone. You instantly associate these marks with their brand without having to see the words “Nike” or “Apple” on their products.

We decided to incorporate the outline of the state and combine it with our mascot, the duck. The brand mark will look different depending on what product it is on, and we will pick a location we feel is best for each item. For example, if we have a shirt has red, white and blue screen printing, the brand mark will be a combination of red, white and blue. However, if the shirt just has black lettering, the brand mark will only have a black outline.

MASC has always looked for new ways to push the envelope in terms of developing our brand and staying ahead of the game in respect to other associations. We feel the creation of our brand mark sets the bar high and distinguishes MASC as one of the premier student council associations in the country.

We have been working to create an online Photo Vault that will give you access to a complete online gallery of MASC event images. The MASC Photo Vault is the place to go for all your MASC photo needs!

We are currently finishing up the process of gathering all of our images before we go public. When we open, there will be photos from all MASC events. Looking for a group picture from Winter Energizer in 2011? How about some shots from the Olympics at Fulton last year? State Convention in 2007? This is the place you need. All images will be available to view for free and if you want to purchase a print or download…we’ve got you covered there as well.

All profits from this site will go to the MASC Alumni Foundation and will help fund camp scholarships. When it is ready, the MASC Photo Vault will be available at You can visit the website now to get a sneak peak. Sign our guestbook while you wait and let us know what photos you want to see the most.

We want this to be the biggest change in what you see from MASC throughout the year. With The New MASC, we want to be more interactive with our members from around the state and stay connected with you during the year. If you are excited about a project or event that your school is planning, we want to hear about it so that we can share it with everyone else. We hope you enjoy interaction with us as much as we do with you, but we feel we can do a better job at that. We want to favorite and retweet you on Twitter when you tweet at us. We want you to be able to share what your school is doing on our Facebook page so other schools can see what you’ve done. MartyWe also want to hold more contests for our members and their schools, and we are starting this the very first week. As you saw in the video, we have already released the details of “THE #INSTAGUSTO CHALLENGE” Contest on our Instagram account (@mascstuco). Advisors will receive more detailed information about the contest once everyone has begun the new school year. The winning school will win a visit from Marty Powers. This is just the start of the upgraded interaction you will see with The New MASC.

Instagram-logoWe have always prided ourselves on having a strong presence on social media. We have Facebook and Twitter accounts with over 1,000 followers on each, and our Facebook page hit 1,500 during the #MASClaunch campaign. With our new Instagram account, we hope to add another aspect to our social media repertoire to better connect with you in The New MASC Experience.

We are really excited about launching THE NEW MASC.  We want to hear your comments and ideas…WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE – ALL SYSTEMS GO!