Share the Memories

One of the best parts of attending a summer concert or music festival is capturing all the memories. But what do you do with all the pictures?

Sure, there’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Or there is Flipagram. Let’s explore!

Flipagram was created to give everyone “the power to create compelling visual stories that can inspire, entertain, or inform.”


It’s easy! Just choose the photos you want to use, pick out a killer song and then watch your memories come alive.

Check out this example created by Liberty North High School Student Council.

It’s really that simple! You can choose songs from your music library or even use a 30-second sample provided by the app.


Choose a song from your library or use a 30-second preview from the Flipagram library!

You can also take advantage of these awesome features:

1. Cropping

You can double click any picture on the Add Moments screen to change the cropping.  You can change the default cropping to “fit” under Settings if you want your whole picture to be shown.

2. Resorting

You can click and hold on any photo on the Add Moments screen, then drag-and-drop to to change its order in your flipagram.

3. Duplication

You can duplicate a picture by clicking on it and selecting duplicate from the bottom menu.  Pro Tip: Duplicate several frames of the same picture in a row to emphasize that frame in your final #flipagram.

4. Music Start Time

Once you’ve selected music on the Create screen, you can move the waveform left and right to set the start time at exactly where you want it.  Make sure to preview your changes before finalizing to ensure that it’s starting at exactly where you want it to.

Once you finish your videos, don’t forget to share them! You can quickly and easily share snippets of your videos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine.

To read more about Flipagram check out their website here!

Download Flipagram on iOS and Android!

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[Photo: Flickr user Eddy BERTHIER]

This post is part of the 2015 Summer Resource Festival.