Pop-Up Resource Shop: DUDE. be nice

Our Monthly Mission this month was to “Be Kind.” And to help you think about how to do that in a really EPIC way, we want to spotlight DUDE. be nice.

Here’s a little bit of background. The DUDE. be nice project is a platform to inspire you, the young people, to build a positive community by recognizing a person or group in a fun, creative and meaningful way. DUDE. be nice is all about making people feel appreciated. 

Along with the DUDE. be nice project, they have also created materials to create a DUDE. be nice Week.

What is DUDE. be nice Week?

It’s a week to focus on, and fully commit yourself to, spreading “niceness” in your school and community. From their website: “Throughout the week, you will facilitate conversation about what ‘being nice’ truly means, brainstorm activities that promote niceness and ultimately provide the opportunity for students to take the lead in executing ‘nice’ activities in your school and community. Our hope is that this week will be a catalyst towards positive change in your immediate and greater communities.” You can read more about the free materials from DUDE. be nice here.

You can use the activity guide to create your own week that spreads “niceness” in your schools and community.

In addition to all of this, DUDE. be nice has also started offering custom school apparel. You can get your colors, name, mascot, almost anything on custom DUDE. be nice products. Learn more about that here.

Take a look at this DUDE. be nice project from Mesa, Arizona! As the title says, “Warning: footage may give you the feel goods.”

If you want them to be a part of a DUDE. be nice Project in your school or community, email them at DBNproject@dudebenice.com.

Continue to spread kindness in your schools this month (and every month)!