Monthly Mission: You Are So Worth It

Each month this school year, we are bringing you an MASC Monthly Mission. Get inspired, get ideas and get motivated to make your schools (and yourself) awesome.

Each Monthly Mission will feature a blog post detailing how you can incorporate each month’s Mission. You can also download an awesome phone wallpaper to use to remind yourself of the Mission every time you look at your phone.

If you’re reading this, say this out loud right now:

I’m So Worth It!

Now believe it, because it’s true.

This might sound cliche and overused, but it really is true. Most of you are givers — you give your time, your talent, your energy to your schools and communities, empowering students and educators. That is so rad.

This month, our monthly mission is about you. We want you to believe in yourself. We want you to know how awesome you really are. To be confident in yourself and your abilities. To be confident in your voice.



I think we are all guilty at some point of being a little too critical on ourselves. We might look back on an event and think, “I should’ve done that differently” or “I really messed up there.” We constantly compare ourselves to others, whether it be the number of Instagram likes, retweets or Facebook friends. Stop, please stop.

You are more than a handful of likes on Instagram. Your worth is more than going viral on Twitter. You mean more than the number of followers that you have online.

Think about this quote: “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.” (Steve Furtick)

What does that mean to you? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking less of yourself because you’re somehow competing against someone’s social media highlight reel?

Please hear me when I say this: You mean so much more to the world than what you see or do on social media.

Unless there is a real Insta/Twitter/Vine-famous person reading this, I think your reach and worth is so much greater in the people you see, walk past, say hi to, wave at, smile at each and every day. And that is a powerful thing.

Want to know something even cooler about what I just said?

YOU are doing that. You are impacting people’s lives because of the things you are doing as student leaders (AND as advisors/educators/good people). That’s an awesome thing, so feel good about it.

This month’s mission is both simple and complex. I challenge you to work towards truly believing that you are worth it. There is no April Fool’s joke about it. You really are an incredible human with talents and gifts that the world needs to see.

Be confident in yourself. Believe in yourself. You do you because no one else can do it as good as you. Alright, do you catch my drift here?

Take a look at these TED Talks. They kind of (as best as anyone could) follow the winding path I took to tell you this:

You are so worth it.

This is so true. You are so awesome, just get out of your way.

You can do it. You can do so many things.

This month, we challenge you to find what makes you awesome and start to see that you are so worth it. We know you are, your advisors know you are, do you know you are?


Look, I know that people struggle with this. That’s a very real thing and I urge you to talk to someone (your advisors, other teachers, your parents) if you ever feel like you need to. 

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