Monthly Mission: Finish Strong

Each month this school year, we are bringing you an MASC Monthly Mission. Get inspired, get ideas and get motivated to make your schools (and yourself) awesome.

Each Monthly Mission will feature a blog post detailing how you can incorporate each month’s Mission. You can also download an awesome phone wallpaper to use to remind yourself of the Mission every time you look at your phone.


The last few weeks of the school year, and for some, the last few weeks of high school. Wow.

Now is the time to end your year strong! Are you going to end your year with an exclamation point? A question mark? A period? An ellipsis?

An ellipsis means that you are just wrapping things up, not in any particularly motivated or awesome way. You just finish the year…

A period means that you definitely finished the year, there’s a finality to it.

A question mark means that you’re not really sure if you finished the year, or if you actually passed your classes (hint: this is not really how you want to finish your year)?

A exclamation point means that you finished your year! You took those last few weeks by the horns and came out the victor! Congratulations!

Finish Strong Feature

For some of us, we know that we will be back next fall. Continuing to be passionate and work hard to improve our schools.

But for some of us, we are graduating. We are facing the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new journey.

Now, we just have a few weeks left to make our marks. To leave our legacies. What is yours?

The end of the year is an opportunity to finish strong. To end the year with an exclamation point. To book end the year with an epic beginning and now end.

To the graduating class: finish strong but enjoy the final days of your high school experience.

To the soon-to-be seniors: finish strong and start thinking about what your legacy will be next year.

To the rest of the underclassmen, middle schoolers and beyond: finish strong, and prepare to come back next year in an even bigger and more awesome way. Finish this year strong and make next year even better!

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