Monthly Mission: Energize Your School

Each month this school year, we are bringing you an MASC Monthly Mission. Get inspired, get ideas and get motivated to make your schools awesome.

Each Monthly Mission will feature a blog post detailing how you can incorporate each month’s Mission. You can also download an awesome phone wallpaper to use to remind yourself of the Mission every time you look at your phone.

Happy New Year!

There is a photo I’m seeing going around social media that went something to the effect of ” Today is page 1/365.” In other words, this is a new year with new opportunity to make it excellent!

It also means that our Winter Breaks are coming to an end. Sad face emoji. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens. And that’s exactly what this month’s mission is all about.

This month, it’s all about Energizing Your School. Yes, we were partly inspired by Winter Energizer that is quickly coming up this month. And that means hearing from the electrifying Marty Powers.

Energize Feature

Winter Energizer is about restoring your gusto tanks to full blast and getting inspired to tackle the rest of the school year.

And that is exactly the door that is opening for you at the end of winter break.

Welcome your school back with GUSTO! What new things can you do that will electrify your student body and propel them through the semester?

Of course, it doesn’t just stop at the end of January! You can keep your school energized all the way to May (and it’s a good thing we have the State Convention in March to help you restore your energy)!

What new and exciting things can you do to welcome your students back to school? What ideas did you think of at the beginning of the year, but didn’t have the resources or time to fulfill?

While you had the opportunity at the beginning of the year to start the year of in an epic way, now you have the chance to set the tone for second semester.

I always think back to a show called “ER” that was on NBC during the late-90s/early 2000s. One of the most important and powerful lines of the show was, “You set the tone.” It was told to Dr. Greene in the very first episode, and was repeated throughout the entire series. You set the tone.

And that’s true of the opportunity that we have in our schools right now. We have the opportunity to make the semester awesome and conclude this epic year that we’ve had.

But you set the tone. So, what will it be?

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us on social media and be sure to check back next month for our next Monthly Mission.

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