Monthly Mission: Be Kind

Each month this school year, we are bringing you an MASC Monthly Mission. Get inspired, get ideas and get motivated to make your schools awesome.

Each Monthly Mission will feature a blog post detailing how you can incorporate each month’s Mission. You can also download an awesome phone wallpaper to use to remind yourself of the Mission every time you look at your phone.

PSA: Valentine’s Day is coming up, don’t forget.

Now that we have that taken care of, it’s time for this month’s Monthly Mission!


Sounds simple, right? Then why is it so hard? Why are people still saying mean things about other people?*

*Yes, this extends to social media.

Be Kind Feature

February is a month that we celebrate the people we love. We buy them cards that tell them how much we love them and we buy them gifts that tell them how much we love them. We celebrate them because they are special to us!

So why can’t we do that in our schools? Yes, you probably don’t love them in the same sense, but they are still important to you.

Remember last month when we told you that you set the tone? Same thing happens here.

If you start treating people with kindness, others are going to see you. Then they are going to treat people with kindness and other people will see them! THEN all of those people will start treating people with kindness and even MORE people will be treating others with kindness!

That’s a lot of people getting treated kindly.

Sure, it’s not going to happen after one simple act of kindness. You have to work and continue to do kind things for the people in your schools, day in and day out. And while not everyone will be grateful or say thank you, know this:

I appreciate what you are doing. The world appreciates what you are doing. Thank you.

Being kind doesn’t stop when you leave your school though. You have to remember to be kind on social media. There are a lot of a hurtful things that float around the internet everyday. Be a change agent and help inject more happiness and kindness into the world! You can do it!

This month’s mission is an easy one. All you have to do it be kind.

(Last reminder: Valentine’s Day is on 2/14!)


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