Can you believe it’s already October?

Our theme this year is “ALL IN,” and we’re challenging you to go in 110% with your student council, school community and with yourself, as a student leader.

This month, it’s time to GO. You’ve had time to settle in and get comfortable. Now it’s time to get uncomfortable and get out of your comfort zone. It’s time to GO.

GO blog 10 16

Today I got on the highway, trying to make it to class and I got stuck in the slow lane. Slow as in going 63 MPH instead of the posted speed limit of 65 MPH. In the lane next to me was a line of cars that were matching my speed, and then there was a wide-open far-left lane. That’s where I wanted to be but I was stuck in between this group of cars content with going below the speed limit.

Yes, there are plenty of those “stop and smell the roses” or “slow down and enjoy life” kind of people, and normally, I’d agree with them. I was just trying to get to class.

We kept going down the highway, I felt like time was flying and yet, here I was, stuck between these people on the highway. By the time I finally reached the promised land and made it to the far left lane, I was home free.

As student leaders we can often get stuck. We wait to find our groove at the beginning of the school year, trying to find a routine, and then we get stuck. We never really hit our stride, we never reach the speed limit, we never really hit the gas and go.

But it’s time.

This month, we challenge you to GO. Not sit at just under the speed limit and waste your potential, but hit the gas, hit your stride, ignite a passion and do something.

You’re likely just coming off Homecoming or just about to get started. Don’t just go through the motions, but do it with gusto. Do it with excessive zeal.

This month, your comfort zone is off-limits. Try something new. Suggest a new activity or event. Tell someone what your passionate about and then do something about it. Look for new ideas and implement them. Challenge the status quo. Just. Do. Something.

Find that open lane on the freeway and use this month to really GO. I bet you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.