Back to School: Lessons from Jimmy Fallon

The eve of a new school year is upon us, either beginning sometime this week or next. It’s the perfect time to get the year started by focusing on some of the positive things we can learn from pop culture — aside from Pokemon GO.

Let’s start with a dude who ushered in a new era of Late Night television, Jimmy Fallon.


And what is one of the biggest lessons we can learn from Jimmy Fallon?

Making others feel welcome.

If you’ve ever seen an interview by Jimmy on the Tonight Show, he usually rambles on and on about how each guest is a “friend of the show,” how “we love them,” yada yada yada.

It’s pretty much how he introduces every guest to the show. And yes, he might not know every Hollywood A-lister personally, but he makes it a point to make them feel welcomed and included.

As leaders in our schools, the beginning of the school year is an opportunity to make everyone in our schools feel welcome. Did you leave a little gift or a note for new teachers? How are you going to greet students on the first day? Did you welcome your teachers and staff back by doing anything special for them? You’d be surprised how far a short handwritten note will go.

As has become the typical structure of an appearance, Jimmy also invites his guests to partake in silly games with him. And he never makes them do it alone — or look the silliest, either.

Kid President wrote, “”If you see spinach (or anything else) in somebody’s teeth, tell them but only after you’ve told them something embarrassing about yourself.”

Maybe there is something golden about doing things that make us uncomfortable so that others feel more comfortable joining us? At your back to school assemblies, do you cheer the loudest so that others follow your example? Do you sit with the outliers in the cafeteria, so that they feel included?

So many people say that the most important thing in helping you change the culture of your school is first building relationships. What better time to start building those critical relationships than right now at the beginning of the year?

This year is going to be incredible. So get out there and make your schools even more awesome than ever before!

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Photo by Flickr user Edgar Zuniga Jr.