In early August, we revealed our 2016-2017 campaign: ALL IN.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a new thing. Our 2015-2016 theme was “Where Gusto Happens.” In 2014-2015, our theme was “Be a Part of It.” In case you want to look for them, take another look our Fulton commercials from the past couple of years.

But this year, we really wanted to go all in, pardon the phrase, with our campaign.

All In 2

When you hear the words, “All In,” what do you think?

Here’s what we think:

When you go all in, it means you do it with gusto. It means you do it with 110% commitment, heart and determination. It’s a call to action, to service and to yourself.

I like the phrase, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” (Hunter Thompson)

In a way, that’s what this is all about. This year, we’re dedicated to serving you, your council, your advisor and your school, with the absolute best programming we can. From district meetings across the state this fall to Winter Energizer in January. From state convention to summer workshop, and to the very first Region 6 Conference next summer at Liberty North.

We are truly going all in for you, so that you can be the absolute best student leader you can, and you can serve your school in the best way possible.

But you have to go all in with us. It’s not enough to just show up. Make a commitment to yourself, your council and to any of our events that you attend. Show up with enthusiasm, passion and desire to be better.

There are new ideas all around you, there are creative solutions to problems you’re wrangling with in your schools, there’s an entire network of resources available to you, as members of MASC. All you have to do is go all in and take that step.

Think about this quote, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” (Jimmy Johnson).

What is that little extra that you can do? Where can you push yourself that extra step? Where will you go all in?

That’s our challenge to ourselves, and to you, this year and we’re ready to go



This year, tell us about how you go all in. Share it with us on social media, add a comment, or email us. And don’t worry, keep an eye out at your District Meeting to see the new MASC commercial.