10 Days of Ideas: Service

This month, our Monthly Mission was to Serve Others and we’re also celebrating the holiday season. So, you get a service ideas! You get a service idea! You get a service idea! We all get service ideas!


For the next two weeks we are going to bring you 10 service ideas from across the state, sent in from our member schools! How awesome is that?

Without further ado, here are our 10 Days of Ideas!


Day 1: Serve Lebanon, Lebanon High School

Once a year our council organizes a huge community service event that spans the two days before Thanksgiving break and involves over 160 kids. We contact non-profit organizations in our community and ask if they have any needs that we could help fill. We pass out food baskets, sort and stock food pantry donations, paint nails at the nursing homes, rake leaves for shut-ins, walk dogs at the animal shelter, volunteer in elementary classrooms, put up Christmas decorations downtown, and clean up local parks, just to name a few. This year we were able to donate 1,000 hours of service back to our community! This event is by far one of our favorite events because it brings together many of our school organizations and our community members at a time when we need to show our thankfulness to those around us.


Day 2: Food Drive, Missouri School for the Deaf

We had a food drive for our local SERVE food pantry.  We made door hanger tags on neon color paper and spent one day after school hanging them on doors in Fulton.  The following week, we spent one day after school picking up non-perishable food donations that were left for us.  We also decorated boxes and set them out on our campus to ask staff for donations.  Our drive ends today, so we don’t have total numbers yet, but we have LOTS of food to take to SERVE. 


Day 3: “Stuff the Turkey,” Bloomfield Middle School

We buy plastic containers and decorate them as turkeys. You just cut a hole in the lid of the container so that money can be dropped in. Students and staff can donate money and stuff their turkey. The class that stuffs their turkey with the most money can receive an incentive (if desired). We use the money to help families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday by buying gift cards to help them purchase their Thanksgiving meals.


Day 4: Rake & Run, Wentzville Liberty High School

Students bring in rakes to school and after school we organize a time to run around the closest neighborhood raking lawns and bagging leaves. The students leave a note on the door that says LHS StuCo has completed a “Rake & Run” at your house as part of a community service project. We then meet back at the school for hot coco to warm back up.


Day 5: Fleece Blankets, Windsor Middle School & Lafayette High School

Windsor: Using clearance fleece that we bought in July, our students created simple instructions for making sensory blankets for children at our local hospital. Beads, foil or other material can be sewn inside the strips using a commercial machine, and the students can cut and knot the strips by hand.

Lafeyette: Blankets for the Homeless: Made fleece tie blankets to give to shelters. Pause Before You Post: Campaign to end cyber bullying. Thank you notes/Christmas cards written and sent to Service men and women Santa’s Helpers worked with the Optimist Club to take pictures of children with Santa.


Day 6: Gold Rush Game, North Callaway High School

We have a Gold Rush game during September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  We sell T-shirts, wear gold ribbons, and honor those children in our community fighting cancer, the survivors, and those who have lost the battle. And we make it gold. In the U.S., 15,780 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year and approximately 1/4 of them will not survive the disease. A diagnosis turns the lives of the entire family upside down. The objective of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is to put a spotlight on the types of cancer that largely affect children, survivorship issues, and – importantly – to help raise funds for research and family support. Camp Quality, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Miracle Network, St. Jude’s, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and many others would benefit from your donations.


Day 7: Operation Shoebox, Hartville High School

This semester we have opted to do a supply drive for Operation Shoebox for soldiers. In the past few years, we have had several graduates go on into the armed services, so this cause is dear to our hearts. We are in the process of gathering all kinds of items to send to our troops. Originally, we were going to just do it within our student body, but through social media, we’ve had several community members share and ask about it. We’ve only been collecting supplies for a couple of days, so I don’t know what are turnout will be like, but it will be more than we thought thanks to social media!


Day 8: Community in Need Fund, Skyline High School

We held a BBQ chicken and pork dinner to raise money for a “Community In Need” fund that we opened at our local bank. The money will be used to help people in our school district who may need help with heating bills, firewood, etc. over the winter. We are also hosting a Senior Citizen Prom on December 18 for local senior citizens.  There will be a DJ and a night of dancing and fun!


Day 9: “Serve-A-Thon,” Blue Springs High School

We do several things in November/December to serve others. We volunteer at City Union Mission to serve lunch. We visit nursing homes where we sing Christmas carols to the elderly and make cookies for the employees. This year, we are hosting a volleyball tournament to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for our students that are less fortunate. Lastly, we host “Brave-a-Shave” which is a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s, a children’s cancer research.  Students raise money and then shave their heads.


Day 10: Kid Card Packets, Fort Osage High School

Many children spend a lot of time in the hospital, away from their friends and family, when being treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  After talking to the hospital’s rep, we learned that the hospital provides packets for the children so they can write letters or send homemade pictures to their loved ones.  Each Ziplock bag contains paper (stationery or construction paper), crayons, and stickers.      Local restaurants donated crayon packets, and STUCO provided the other materials.  Then, we made up the letter packets and dropped them off at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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